Monday, September 29, 2008

The End and The Beginning

I can't believe that this is our last post from China. We leave early in the morning and will spend the next 24 hours in airports and airplanes. But we are coming home! This trip has been full of emotions. We came here to meet a little girl, not knowing what to expect. And yet, she came to us with open arms, accepting us as her family. She is more than we could ever have hoped for. She is sweet and beautiful and funny. We give God all of the glory and thank Him for hearing and answering our prayers. We have also felt the prayers of our family and friends. Thank you for your prayers. God has also sustained me during these two weeks of a homesick feeling I never want to experience again!

A little more about Cate... We have a spicy little girl on our hands! I am so thankful that she was cared for with such love at her orphanage, but I don't think she was ever told "no". So... we are experiencing a battle of the wills. This will just be a process. She is still learning to love us and trust us, and she has a Daddy and two brothers to get to know and love.

Thank you again so much for your support and love and prayers.


Andrew and Rebecca said...

Spicy! I love it!
Here's wishing & praying for safe travels home. God speed.

mom 2 many said...

Prayers being said for a safe and uneventful trip home!
I am looking forward to reading about the home coming!! It has been a pleasure to follow along this journey with y'all!! Sophie, you are such a wonderful big sister for Cate. She sure looks like she loves you!!

PeggyAnn said...

Hip, Hip, are finally coming HOME and with some pretty precious "cargo"...Cate :) Sophie, you have done a marvelous job as big sister, and you should pat yourself on the back for a job well done! get plenty of rest tonight and we'll see you soon in the USA
PeggyAnn :)

Nicci said...

Hi! We are so glad yall are coming home! I don't think any of us can wait another minute. We are all so excited to meet a new member of the family! Cate is precious and Sophie, you are a wonderful big sister. We will all be praying for your safe journey home. Can't wait to see yall at the airport!
Love Always,
Cousin Taylor

Lilly's Family said...

Can't wait to see you, Sophie, Mimi, and especially Cate. We plan to meet you at the airport unless something goes wrong w/ Ellie. She has fever now but no other symptoms. Hang in there- you are almost HOME! Praise the Lord.
Jan and family

Teresa =) said...

I just love the pics of Cate snuggling up to her sister and Momma! We have waited so long to see that beautiful sight!

God truly is awesome...we don't deserve the gift of these awesome children, but will try to do Him proud and parent them as THEY deserve!

Praying for safe travels...the trip home was when I finally lost it! It was rough but you will be in your own bed tonight!!

Teresa =)

Kimi said...

I have enjoyed your journey so much!

Thanks for sharing!

Amber said...

I am so happy for you. You have a beautiful little girl there!

Hope said...

So glad you are coming come. Praying that ya'll will have a good flight with Cate. Can't wait to see you all back home safe!!!! You are a great mom, and have a strong family, don't worry about her strong will, she'll do fine. She is so blessed. Thanks for sharing this time with us and I hope to continue hear about her learning an growing as a SMITH.


Lilly's Family said...

Hey Everyone, I am so exited about yall coming home.I can not wait to meet CATE.How was your trip?I am praying for yall.Have a safe trip. KATIE BRYANT

Kay Bratt said...

Your daughters are beautiful. I can't get over Cate's long hair. Quite unusual for Gotcha Day.


Cyndi said...

Many prayers are being sent your way for safe travels home. I am so glad Cate fit right in and can't wait to hear what she thinks of her Daddy and brothers! I love that she is SPICY and I know Sophie is enjoying another girl in the bunch. See you soon.

Sharon said...

Just a few more hours and you will be HOME with your handsome boys, your beautiful girls and your wonderful hubby! Kiss that homesickness goodbye! :)

We will be seeing you in a few hours! Can't wait to welcome all of you home!


Hayley said...

Miss Kim
Thank you so much for my bracelet. I love it.
Love always,

Rebecca and Andrew said...

I'm thinking of your family and sending best wishes to all during this adjustment time! I know you'll blog when things settle down and you are able. Just wanted to let you know you are still very much in our thoughts and prayers, even though Cate is home.
Sending virtual hugs, =)

Kate said...

Just wanted to leave a note and let you know we hope your time at home so far has been joyous! Your family continues to be in our prayers! Congratulations again!

Sharon said...

Cate is beyond adorable and I am so thankful that all of you are home and everyone is doing well. Marty saw Greg at the football game last night and he asked him how things were going. He said he could tell from the look on his face that Greg is just totally smitten with this new little daughter you have been blessed with. :)
Cate is so loved! I can tell that Sophie is an amazing Jie Jie! She was already a fabulous big sister but she and mei mei are quite a pair. I just love the way she looks at Cate. The way Presley held on to her hand during the football game was so sweet.
See you soon. So glad you are all home!


Erin said...

Hoping to hear an "at home" update all look like you enjoyed China...and Cate could not be more adorable.

...Can't wait to be there myself scooping up my sweet little girl...and hoping to bring my crew too---as I fear that homesick feeling you mentioned often =0)

Take Care,

jshirley9 said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you...Cate is beautiful! What a blessing you have....finally the wait is over.
Love you all and miss you.