Friday, September 5, 2008

We are going to China!!!!

It doesn't even feel real yet! We found out this morning that our first requested CA date of 9/29 is confirmed!!! We are so excited!!! We leave Columbia on 9/18 and return home on 10/1. I will post our itenerary when we get it. We would love your prayers during this time for those of us traveling and for those staying at home. We are going to miss our guys at home so much! Please pray for Cate that her transition will be an easy one for her. We are about to take her away from a foster family that I'm sure she loves. 13 days!!!!


Ruth said...

soooo excited for you!! I will love to follow your journey to your sweet Cate!!

Lilly's Family said...

SO happy for you! Amazing how TA changes everything, isn't it? I can't wait to follow your journey to Cate. That would be the negative to us leaving next week, I could't follow your journey as closely. Oh well, we will see what God has planned for us.
Looking forward to your shower on Sun.
Start packing,

Sharon said...

We are doing the HAPPY DANCE here in our home for all of you!! Praise God for this blessing! So glad you were able to get a September CA!

Cate is really, truly coming HOME!!!
The Chinese population in our little town is about to add a new member! HOORAY!!!!

Sharon :)

Cyndi said...

oh my goodness. I can't believe its here!!!! Ya for you. See you Sunday.

Anonymous said... got that quick...and I heard that the CA appointments were booked for September...Good for YOU! You all deserve it after that long wait for LOA!

I have been following along your journey to Cate ever since I first came across your blog. I saw her sweet face when she was waiting---what a perfect match you are for eachother!

I hope you do not mind, I am putting a link to your blog on my blog so my family and friends can easily drop by your blog and read your story! Hope to see lots of pictures when you are in China!

Waiting for Maia Cai

Redmom2005 said...

You are soooo in my thoughts and prayers!! I'm thrilled beyond words that you finally have a DATE to go and get that precious little "gem" of a girl!!! I can't wait to follow along!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Kimi said...

I am so excited and happy for you. They must have opened up more appointments in September...that is the same thing that they did last year and we happened to get one. I would love it if we would get our TA early this coming week and were still CAs available! I know that if it is God's plan I will be there in China when you are but if not I will enjoy following your journey and we will probably have to wait and go in November....because of the fair and our daughter in the Guangdong province. My prayer was answered about you traveling in September...I am thrilled for you.


Lilly's Family said...

Miss Kim,
I am so happy for you and your family!You are in my prayers.Hope to see you soon!
Shelby B.

Robin said...

Wonderful news!!! I will be praying for safe travel and an easy transistion for Cate from her foster family.


Dawn said...


I am sooo excited for you!! I cannot wait to see Cate in your arms. Our Gotcha day was 7/29...I still cannot believe your's will be exactly 2 months later, but we know God's timing is always perfect, and Cate is ready for you!

Blessings my sweet friend, and I will be following along every day!!


Kate said...

Congratulations! We will be following along and praying for your family!

Andrew and Rebecca said...

YEA!!!!!! We are so happy for your family. Our prayers for a smooth and safe transition are with you! As you know, our family believes Cate is destined for GREAT things!

Mama to Blu said...

You're going to get your ANGEL GIRL and I'm silly/wild for you.
We can hardly wait to see and read your photos and journaling while in China.

-Wanda (Aiken, SC)
Mommy to precious China girls:
Blu, 3 yrs and Caj, 4 yrs

Hope said...

Hope you can get your comments while traveling. I know you are missing home, but loving your reason for being gone. I pray that ya'll will be safe. We can't wait to meet Cate. Elly says Hi to Sophie. Take care and we'll see you soon.......