Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Introducing....... Cate!!!!!!

I know all you really want is pictures, but a little about our morning. Frank met us at 9:00 and took us to the Civil Affairs office where we would meet Cate and the orphanage director. They were not there when we got there, so we were looking out onto the street to see if we might see them drive up. But when we looked around, Cate was walking in the door with the orphanage director, a beautiful and kind woman. She told Cate who we were and Sophie showed her some things we brought. She loved it all and took to Sophie very quickly! I had a lot of papers to sign and Mom was taking pictures. Our first thoughts, Cate is beautiful and very tiny. Very tiny. I think a 2T, maybe a 3T if we're lucky! She is very curious and scared of nothing so far. She never cried. Not once. When the orphanage director was leaving, she walked away with her, but then came back to us. Thank you for the prayers. We have really felt them.


Lilly's Family said...

YEAH! We are so happy for you. Cate is beautiful. Enjoy each and every moment with your precious new daughter! I might call you later on your panda phone. The typhoon is hitting here so lots of rain.

mom 2 many said...

OMG!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! She looks so content!! that is so AWESOME!!! I've been praying ;-) I can't wait to hear more and see more pictures....her hair is so much longer!!!
Blessings and HUGS!!!!

Teresa =) said...

Congrats!!! It is 11:35PM and I have to work tomorrow, but I stayed up blogging and hoping you would post something before I went to bed! She is even cuter than I remember!!

I'm so happy things are going well. Give her extra hugs, Kim...she's waited too long to finally meet her Momma!!!

Hugs from Ohio!!

Teresa =)

Sharon said...

Ooooh, Kim!!! She is beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Sophie, you look WONDERFUL with your mei mei!

Now I can go to sleep! LOL

Love ya!

Kimi said...

Oh my...she is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to see more photos of her with her new wonderful family. I am so happy for you...you have waited a long time for this...soak up every moment!


Andrew and Rebecca said...

My eyes are filled with tears so I can barely write this. My heart is so full! I am so thrilled to see this journey becoming complete! Praise God Whom ALL Blessings Flow! Bless your family!
Cate is gorgeous!
Rebecca and Family

mom2joy said...

I have followed your blog from the Hefei site. I am so happy to see that you have Cate. She is utterly adorable. I just wanted to share that it was exactly 11 years ago today 9/23/97 that I got my daughter, Joy Lin, also in Hefei. We stayed at the Anhui Golden, which is now the Holiday Inn, or at least I think I am correct on that. It was the best day of my life. I will keep you in prayer as you complete the rest of the process and travel home. While there can be some stress in it, you've already got your precious jewel in that little girl. The rest pales by comparison until you come into your home airport!

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Dana said...

Cate is BEAUTIFUL! Course, you already know that. What a sweet, brave girl. And what a blessing to have your mother and daughter there to share this time with you. I can't wait for more pictures!

Ladyblog said...

She IS beautiful! Congratulations!

Ruth said...

Kim, I am soooo happy for you!!! You finally have your Cate and she is beautiful!!! Guess you got your answer about her hair LOL - it is really cute!
I am sooo excited for you!!! Glad she is doing so well early on!!! They prepare their kids so well at Hefei!!!

bugs parents said...

Praise God!!!! It's great to finally see Cate where she belongs - with her Momma and family! Glad to hear things are going well for you.

Laura Spiers said...

Kim- I could not get on this computer fast enough to see all of you with Cate! She is ABSOLUTELY adorable and looks so peaceful and content! What a blessing! MC was so excited to wake up and see pics of Sophie with her new sister! We are enjoying sharing in your excitement via computer! Enjoy every minute and know all is well at home. We cannot wait to see all of you in the USA/SC/St Matthews/Cameron!!!!!!
Much love- Laura

Anonymous said...

Wow...How completely wonderful! both girls look so content---just sisters meant to grow up together. I love the photo of Sophie looking out the window...and the one of Cate feeding Sophie---so loving =0)
Enjoy every moment,

Jill said...

CONGRATS!! She is absolutely stunning!!

Lisa C. said...

OH my ... such a beautiful little girl! Look at all that hair! What a blessing!!!

Enjoy, Lisa C.

Kate said...

Congratulations! What a cutie! Hugs to you all!

Beverly said...

love how her hair is fixed. congrats she is beautiful.

Cyndi said...

Cate is beautiful!!!! I love her long hair, so unusual for a adopted China girl. I am so glad she is adjusting well can't wait to hear more.