Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our First SB Clinic Appointment

Our first appointment was made at MUSC's Spina Bifida Clinic when we were in China. It was made for August 24. Before I met Cai, I couldn't wait for that date to get here- that's when we would learn more and form a plan of action for our daughter. I love action. It means I'm doing something, heading in a better, positive direction! But after I held our daughter and knew our daughter and loved on our daughter, I began dreading that darn appointment. For all of the reasons I thought I wanted it. It would mean we would have to DO something. Different. That probably won't be much fun. Certainly not for her. Or us. And it will be anything but easy.
We prayed for that appointment, and the doctors, and the tests. Our friends and family prayed. And we felt God's hand the entire day. Cai did great- even during the not so fun tests. The doctors and staff were very kind and seemed very knowledgable. They didn't even feel that right now Cai needs an MRI of her spine, so no surgery ( a definite answered prayer). Her kidneys look great so no surgery there either! We will start physical therapy to help her strengthen her legs and feet. I guess if you could say there's a downside, it would be that after another test in December, we will have to start intermittent catheterizations every few hours to help Cai's bladder empty. It's just not working like it should, and we need to keep her kidneys healthy. I knew this would be a possibilty, but hoped it wouldn't be our plan of action. We continue to pray for healing for Cai's little body and truly feel very peaceful. She has amazed us with her courage, her humor and her strength. We love this little girl so much!

" It is right, and I would say even good, to grieve the pains and brokenness of this world and the way it manifests itself in our bodies. But grieve with hope, knowing that HE might be shown more glorious through the most broken parts of our lives.- unknown"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little of this, A little of that

After Cai's haircut- not one tear!
Cate's new glasses!

My grandparents with Some of their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Note the cast on Rion's arm- skim boarding accident only 3 hours after arriving at the beach!

Cai- having a great week at the beach!

Do they look happy or what?