Sunday, September 28, 2008

At the Zoo

This morning we went to the Guangzhou zoo. It was a nice zoo and felt good to walk around. The weather is very warm here, but it was nice and shady there. They had one panda and it was walking around. Sophie was able to feed the monkeys. It was so funny because the man put food on Sophie's head and the monkey climbed up her shoulders to get it! There was one part of the zoo where you could pay to have your picture taken with a rabbit, a bird or a dog. It was kind of sad. They also had raccoons in cages. We told Helen that we saw those in the road every day! Cate and I are getting ready to go to the Consulate. Everything went great with our paperwork this morning and I am very thankful. I am so anxious to get home. I don't think it can get here fast enough!


PeggyAnn said...

all that paperwork; all the waiting must seem like eons ago now that you have your precious Cate with you. All are anxious for you to come "home". we pray your trip back to USA is uneventful. God bless everyone
PeggyAnn :)

Lilly's Family said...

Mrs. Kim,I love the pictures!Cate seems to be doing very well with ya'll!I can not wait for you guys to get home.I am praying for ya'll! Love,Shelby B.

Kim MIller said...

Kim and family,

Hayley has been keeping me up to date on your journey and I just wanted you all to know that our family will be praying for you all as you make your way back home. I know you are ready and we are all ready to meet Cate. Have and safe trip and we'll see you soon!

Kim Miller

Trudy Frierson said...

Kim, Sophie, Cheryl, and Cate!
We praise God for His blessings upon your family, and pray for your safe return home.
Cheryl, we look forward to seeing your "new grandchild" pictures!
Sophie, I know you are a great big sister and that Ryan and Preston will be terric big brothers too!

Godspeed, Trudy Frierson

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Lilly's Family said...

Hey EVERYONE, How are yall? Cate is adorable. She fits in perfect with yalls family.The PANDA is so cute.Sophie you with that MONKEY is so cute.I miss yall.KATIE BRYANT

Dawn said...

It is so fun to see pics of you in GZ...Praying for a safe trip home!!

C-Bradberry said...

Cheryl, what a beautiful family and granddaughter. Hope you all have a safe journey home. Also hoping to see you at the Pressley shin dig on Nov 28th. Roll Tide!Chris

Andrew and Rebecca said...

I can see from you comment page that Cate will not only have an incredible family but a circle of friends whose bond will be so full of love and loyalty!

That is sad about the raccons and other animals. We have a mama racoon who lives in our back yard and eats the cat's food! =)

Andrew and Rebecca said...

I must be tired! How many words can I mispell on the previous post? My twelve year old asked what a "raccon" is! LOL!
Anyway, you know I'm thinkin' about ya!!