Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pearl Market

Today was a shopping day to the pearl market. It was at least 6 or 7 stories high and pearls were just on one floor. We found some nice pearls for very reasonable prices. We also bought some souvenirs. We stayed there until about 4:00 and then Christina brought us back to the hotel. She took us to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and it was very good. She ordered four plates of food and we shared it all. Sophie is really trying to use chopsticks but doesn't have it down yet. We ate ramen noodles and crackers again for supper because the restaurant was closed and we didn't know where else to go. Tomorrow we will go to the Great Wall. I am looking forward to seeing that. We may also go to an acrobat show either tomorrow or Monday night. I cannot download my pictures from today and I hope that I will be able to tomorrow.


Tracy said...

Hey girl! I'm so glad you all are doing good. Have fun, be safe and enjoy this path that the Lord is sending you down. Lexie and I adore Cate already. Her video is precious. We are excited about meeting her. Tell Sophie, Lexie says hello and have fun. Take care and we will talk to you soon!
Much love and prayers,
The Yarboroughs'

Teresa =) said...

We lost power for a few days due to freak hurricane winds in the Midwest, but I remembered you were headed to Cate this week. Oooo, I can't WAIT to see your gorgeous little one in your arms finally!! Can't believe it's been almost a YEAR since we got to meet and photograph her. The nannies in Hefei will truly miss her when she is united with her Forever Family...she was clearly one of their favorites!

Sending hugs and fervent prayers from Ohio...

Teresa =)

Robin said...


I hope you bought pearls for Cate. That was my one regret after our first trip. I bought a set for Clara Beth but they were small. On my second trip I made sure to buy her a larger set for later and a bracelet. I also bought chops(name stamps) for both of them on our last trip. I am so glad I did and I had their names painted by a local artist while we were in Guangzhou. Don't forget to buy something jade too. Such fun shopping and the shoes, oh wait until you see all the shoes!!!! Have a GREAT time!!


Lilly's Family said...

So glad things are going well for you and your mom and Sophie! Only 4 days until you meet Cate. I can't wait!!! We are doing well. Ellie had a great birthday and is using the potty. Lilly still has 102-103 fever. But we are ok. Kathy is here now.
Gotta go to bed.

Dawn said...


I loved the Pearl Market. Can you believe one whole floor of Pearls?? That's why you go with a guide :)

I dont know if this will help, but I downloaded my pictures to Picasa while in China, and it always seemed to work...just thought I would throw that out there...

You are getting closer to Cate!!!

Blessings to you girls!!!

Sharon said...

Love the pictures! Sophie's hair is so cute when it is braided.

I loved buying pearls too but wish I'd bought more! There's still a lot of shopping ahead of you! Enjoy it!