Sunday, July 18, 2010


I love watching Greg with Cate and Cai. Cai has only been home for five weeks and she already knows how special her daddy is. You can see it in her eyes. Greg wasn't able to travel to China with me so when we arrived home, although both of our girls had seen pictures of their "Baba", they weren't quite sure what to expect. But their daddy's love for them and for our family can't help but be felt. His words are kind and gentle and his love runs deep. He has taken on the task and answered God's call to be a father to the fatherless. And we are so thankful for him!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Where do I begin??

Where do you start when you haven't updated in a month? It has really felt too big for words. Cai is doing great. She is a beautiful, sweet, funny little girl. Her adjustment has amazed us. And we are so thankful. We truly feel that she was meant to be a part of our family. And like Cate, it already feels as though she has been here forever. Her language is coming right along- she mimics everything, she calls us all by name and follows simple commands, so she is obviously understanding a lot that we say to her. I think her English will take off just as Cate's did. She has bonded very well to us and loves to give and receive kisses and hugs. She is a very loving little girl. She is a great sleeper, she loves the pool, the beach and the boat (yaaaa!) Now, some have asked about Cate and Cai- the love connection definitely is not there yet! They are finally having some sweet sister play times, but usually they are competing for attention or for the same toy, food,etc. And it goes both ways. Cai is equally as competitive and strong willed as Cate! It is really quite funny when I'm not pulling my hair out!

Now, for maybe the not so rosy part! Cai's medical issues have felt very overwhelming at times- usually after a doctors visit. We knew that we would be faced with some, so most was not a surprise, some were. Without completely invading her privacy but realizing this is just part of Cai's life as well as our families life, Cai was born with a spinal meningocele which has affected her walking as well as her bladder and bowel control. These are all nerve related and while we can manage them, there is no "fixing" nerve damage. So, many things we are simply taking day by day. We won't actually have our first clinic visit until August when I'm sure we will have to schedule several scans and tests that probably won't be very fun, but will help us begin a plan of treatment. Even in the most overwhelming moments, I have not for one second doubted that this was the perfect little girl for our family and we wouldn't trade her for the most healthiest child. All it takes is one look into her beautiful face and we are reminded of what a gift she is to us!