Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We have been home two weeks today. Cate is adjusting great, and we are happy to be a family of six. Cate LOVES her sister and brothers! She loves her daddy although she hasn't been able to spend a lot of time with him yet since this is his busy time on the farm. We are looking forward to having Daddy around more. Life has been very busy here-school, baseball, football,and dance. And then adding a busy 3 year old to the mix! Cate has been a blessing to our family and we are very thankful that God placed her with us. We have lots to learn from one another and every day certainly is not a bowl of cherries! But Cate is more than we ever could have hoped for and we are truly thankful. I was amazed at how many people read our blog while we were in China and have asked about Cate. Computer time isn't what it used to be, but I will update whenever I can!


Ruth said...

Glad to see pictures and a post:-) She has blossomed!!

ww said...

So glad you all made it back safely and that all is going well. Love the photos! Looking forward to watching Cate continue to bloom and bond with her family. Blessings, Wendy

Sharon said...

We just love all of you to pieces and can't wait until we can have some play dates with Cate.
HOME means even more after you have been to the other side of the world and back doesn't it? I can't imagine living any where else and I'm so glad that we are all in this little community together.


Rhonda said...

I have been checking here EVERY DAY waiting for a home update! I love her photos! I can totally relate to the chaos of returning home and the lack of computer time. Things will settle down and you will feel more in control in no time. I can't wait to learn more abut Cate's adjustment. She is so beautiful. Good things come to those who wait, huh!!!


Rhonda Kelly

Cousin Sheri said...

Looks like Cate is fitting in great! And who needs a bowl of cherries when you can have mixed fruit? Ha! Glad y'all are doing well.

mom 2 many said...

She looks so incredibly happy!! I am overjoyed the she is FINALLY home! She is such a doll. I know how tough it is when you get home and all the adjustments, so thanks for taking the time to update! I hope you get a chance to update again soon!!!


Rebecca and Andrew said...

What beautiful pictures of everyone! Yes, Cate sure has blossomed and it's so evident that she knows she is 'home'!!
We received our referral last Tuesday for a 7 month old baby girl and a 11 week old baby boy. I will soon be fully understanding how busy life can be! We continue to pray for you all...please keep us in your prayers too.
Hugs, Rebecca and family

Erin said...

Finally...I have been impatiently waiting to hear about how you all were! It is amazing to look at Cate's waiting pictures, then see her beautiful smile at home! Good Job...she looks wonderful.

Enjoy every moment,

Teresa =) said...

Thanks for updating! I've been haunting your blog, looking for new pics...then I have a busy couple of days and miss the post! She is even MORE adorable than ever with that beautiful, relaxed smile on her face!

Here's hoping (and praying) you all continue to transition well!

Teresa =)

Redmom2005 said...

Kim, I'm glad you found time to post some pictures. Cate is adorable! I'm sure she keeps you busy (those 3-year-olds have endless energy)!!

Dawn said...

Oh these pictures just warm my heart...Cate is exactly where she belongs!