Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Pictures


Andrew and Rebecca said...

Wonderful!!!!! I love the pictures of Cate and Sophie bonding quickly!

mom 2 many said...

Sophie and Cate look soooo good together! How sweet. It is such a blessing you could take her with you. They'll be bonded forever! I know this first hand ;-) Looking forward to more about Cate tomorrow!!

hemant said...


Sophie and cate look so good together. Baby is looking very cute and charming. It such a blessing you could take care her with you.


Angela said...

Cate is precious!!! It is so wonderful to finally see you together. I hope ya'll have a good first day. Looking forward to more pictures tomorrow. Love,


PeggyAnn said...

nothing but beautiful! so happy first day together was special. Sophie and Cate's pic is a sure sign of great times to come

Hayley said...

She is so cute, "Miss" Kim. I cait wait to see her in person when you get back. Her ahir is longer than I thought.
Love always,

Tracy said...

I am so happy for your family! These pictures made me smile, laugh and cry! You guys hurry up and get back home!! I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be blessed by Cate :)!!
p.s. she really liked the doll didn't she!?!

Hope said...

The pictures are so sweet. Sophie, you will be a great big sister to her. Now we'll all pray the the rest of the "paper work" is speedy and you will be home soon. Cait wait to meet her in person. I am so happy for you.

Cousin Sheri said...

What beautiful hair Cate has! So happy for you all!

ww said...

So happy for you! Cate is precious - love her hair and outfit and accessories - you can tell she was very loved and cared for. Sophie and Cate are bonding so well - thanks for sharing the photos! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Blessings, Wendy

Jean said...

Kim, Sophie and Miss Cheryl,
I am glad to see that ya'll are enjoying China. Cate and Sophie seem to have hit it off. I know ya'll are looking forward to returning home. We will keep you in our prayers for a safe return and we can't wait to meet Cate in person. Love, Jean, David, Mary Ruth and Dottie

Dawn said...


Cate is sooo beautiful!!! What a huge blessing...I am so happy everthing went well, and it seems God prepared her for your meeting.

It sounds so much like our introduction to Lucy, what a blessing. I am so curious to know how much she weighs, I am so glad we talked about sizes. At the medical exam Lucy was 24 lbs (she gained 2 in a week, eating with us). I cannot believe how long Cate's hair is. Oh Kim she is just perfect!

Enjoy every minute with her, and keep those pictures coming!!

Love to you all

Dawn said...

I just have to comment on the darling red top they dressed Cate in!!! And, way to go with the princess cell phone...I hope it was a hit!

Kristin said...

She is finally with her family. Pressley told me that "my George" is picking me up today. He said that they might play some golf after school. We had P.E. today and that is always a fun time.Pressley ordered lunch today and ate every bite.He was so excited that we had the pictures of Cate with you and Sophie. He is such a proud big brother. Hurry and get home with your precious little one.

Lots of Love,

Rhonda said...

Oh my word, Kim!!! Cate is just perfect! You are one blessed momma! I can't wait to hear all about Cate's personality as it unfolds before you. Enjoy your little girl!



Michele said...

Hey Sophie, I'm so excited to see you and your new sister. She is really cute and I can't wait to play with her. I know she can't wait to come home with you. School is good and so is clogging. We miss playing with you on the playground. I miss you and look forward to seeing more pictures of Cate.

Love, Anna Banks

Robin said...

Beautiful, so happy for you!!!