Monday, September 22, 2008

The Forbidden City

Sophie with one of the performers at the acrobat show
It was amazing to see what they could do with their bodies! We really enjoyed the show!

We leave Beijing at 6:00 a.m. for Hefei. We have had some very full days and have seen a lot, but we are ready to leave. I am very homesick and miss my family at home. We are looking forward to meeting Cate in two short days.


Heidi said...


Hello to all! It has been great to follow you and your family on your adventure of a lifetime. The pictures are wonderful. I wish you all the best during the remainder of your trip. I can't begin to imagine all of the excitement and anticipation you are feeling regarding meeting Cate! Give her a hug for me and be safe.


Lilly's Family said...

We made it to Guangzhou. Boy, is it HOT!!!! Miserably, oven-like hot. But, we are all healthy and having a great time. Ellie and Lilly are really starting to connest and the shopping here is awesome. Count down to Cate- less than 2 days away- YEAH!
Love and a big hug,

Dawn said...


Looks like you have seen alot in your few short days...we avoided missed some of those things.

Try to enjoy every moment in China, and not wish it away (especially your time in Heifei)...because before you know it, it is time to come home, and you will look back on those days in Cate's birth country with such a sweetness of this precious time. You will love Shamian Island when you get to Guangzhou!

You are sooo close now!!
P,S, I did a special post for you on my blog :)

Dawn said...

P.S.S. I will remind you again when you get to GZ, Cate's chinese dresses from Jordan's...they we just a couple dollars more, but the quality is much nicer than all the other stores...that is where I bought ALL 12! of Lucy's

Rhonda said...

I have enjoyed following along on your journey to Cate. I cannot wait to see that you have her in your arms forever. Your world is about to get rocked, girl!!!! There is absolutely nothing like experiencing the miracle of adotion unfold before your eyes and your heart. I will continue to pray for an easy transition for Cate and the rest of you. Enjoy your little one. HER wait is almost over!! YIPPEE!!!!


Rhonda Kelly

Hope said...

It is great seeing pictures of ya'll having fun. I know you miss home. Sophie looks so grown up, like a "world traveler". Best of luck tomorrow. Keep he pictures coming, we are all looking forward to seeing Cate with you , Sohpie and Mimi. BE SAFE!!!


Cyndi said...

Almost there my dear friend. Can't wait to see sweet Cate in the next few days. Saying lots of prayers for you hope you are having a great time. Enjoy!

Kristin said...

Pressley had a great day at school.I printed the pictures from the site and we shared them with our class. Pressley was so big talking about Bejing. Wells wanted to know if China is ahead in time or behind. I told him you were a day ahead. I hope that's right.It is so hard for them to understand. The girls can't wait to see Cate. They kept saying, "She's so cute." They couldn't get over the dragons and the Gret Wall. They all want to go to China now. Have a safe trip. We'll look forward to pictures tomorrow.
Kristin and Class

the englands said...

Hi Sophie,

Hope you are having a great time in China. We like the pictures of what you are doing there. I know that you can't wait to see Cate and we are very excited for you and your family. We are praying that everything goes well. I really miss seeing you in class.


Sharon said...

It is 10pm here so you should have already left Beijing by now. By the time you read this you will be in the same city with your sweet baby Cate! Can you believe it? When we arrived in Guilin I looked at every child I saw because I had no idea what the person looked like who was bringing her to us! LOL I kept hoping I would spot her before it was time to go and get her.

Praying for you all! You're almost there!