Friday, September 19, 2008

Our first day

We really did not have a chance to see much yesterday, but this is our hotel and a view from our window. I will post pictures this evening after our first real day here! We love the emails and comments on our blog. It is so nice to hear from home!


Kimi said...

I am so excited to follow your journey. I can't wait until Cate is in your arms! Enjoy China!


Ruth said...

Glad you are there safely and looking forward to next week when she will be in your arms forever!!

Cousin Sheri said...

Hi Kim! Glad you and Sophie and your Mom (?) made it fine. Will be following your journey daily and keeping you all in prayer.
Just think, Cate will be with you soon!!
I hope to meet her one day.

Sharon said...

So glad that your travels went well. HOORAY! :)

Post some pictures of Sophie so that we can see her enjoying China!

Not much longer till you have Cate!!!


Hayley said...

So glad you made it and had a good first day. can't wait to hear and see more.

Nicci said...


We were so excited to see that you are in China! We have been praying for you daily! We can't wait to see pics of Cate. Stay safe and have a wonderful time. I have been reading Jan's blog and it sounds like they are doing great. We'll write more soon! Love, Nicci and Mark and kids

Redmom2005 said...

Glad you and Sophie made it safely! Enjoy your sightseeing in Beijing! It will soon be time to go and get Cate!!!