Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To My Third Grade Friends

Thank you for all of the notes. I really enjoyed reading them. I hope you are having fun at school. What kind of tests have you been taking? We are having a good time in China. We get Cate today, and we are very excited. I miss seeing you. I can't wait to see y'all. The plane ride was long. At the pool we have to wear a swim cap. I would not let mama take a picture of me! We will show you pictures of Cate soon. Love Sophie

What a wonderful suprise for us to wake up to! The e-mails and comments on our blog are the best part of our day. This morning we sat in tears reading all of the sweet wishes. Thank you all very much. This is our BIG DAY!!


Teresa =) said...

It is 9:06PM in Ohio...meaning you should be getting your beautiful Cate in your arms right about NOW!!!

Congrats...try to remember all the details for us!!

Teresa =)

Jill said...

Now let's see that baby!! :)

Sharon said...

We are thinking of you as you meet Cate!

Sharon :)

bugs parents said...

It's finally the big day!!! Can't wait to see the update! We'll be praying for you! Give Cate a hug from Catherine (and us)!

Let us know what you've found to eat in Hefei.


Kristin said...

Wow! It's finally here. I can't wait to see Cate in your arms. What an awesome experience! She is a very lucky little girl. It is so hard to write because I am crying like a baby. I am so happy for your family.
Pressley had a great day. We had a play at school. It was called "Chicken Little." It was so funny. There was a man dressed in a red ladies gown with a hat full of red feathers. He played Henny Penny. Pressley laughed and laughed at the Henny Penny. He did a great job playing Henny Penny. We went to the library today and Beth asked him all about your trip. I told her that you would have Cate at about 9:00. It is so exciting for all us. I feel like she is coming home to me too. I can't wait.Stay safe. Give Sophie hugs and kisses from her CA family.
Love, Kristin

Lilly's Family said...

We want to see Cate! I have been thinking about you since I woke up this morning. Then at 10 AM as we were eating breakfast, I figured you probably had Cate in your arms. I can't wait to see pictures!
Love and a big hug to Cate,
Jan And family

Angela said...

Kim, It's 10:30 pm here. I'm not gong to sleep until I see Cate! Hopefully she is in your arms now and feels safe in her mama's arms. Give Cate a kiss from her great aunt.

Sophie, you are the most popular girl I know. You go girl!


Cyndi said...

Can't wait!!!! Praying that Cate adjust quickly and everything is smooth.
Big Hugs and Love,