Friday, September 26, 2008

First day in Guangzhou and Cate's medical exam

Cate is wishing these adults would go to work and let her play!
Cate loves to have her picture taken! Sophie is a great big sister!

Inside the White Swan hotel

We really like Shamian Island! It is the nicest place we have been on our trip. The White Swan hotel is very nice. It's so nice to see so many other American families. We have had two meals today that tasted like they should! This morning we went to Cate's medical exam and had her visa picture taken. Everything went very well. She was very cooperative. Cate weighs 28 pounds. We then did some shopping which we thoroughly enjoyed! I bought a stroller which has already come in handy, and she enjoys riding. She lost her princess cell phone that she loved in Hefei, so we found one today, but it has the most annoying sounds and we will "lose" it before the plane ride home! We came across a park with play equiptment and Sophie was so excited to play, but it was overrun with adults! It was so funny so I had to post a picture! Tomorrow morning, Judy will come to our room and help me prepare all of the paperwork for Monday's Consulate appointment. We are counting down the days to home!


Sharon said...

I think we have TWO of those annoying cell phones! Enjoy GZ. Doesn't it remind you a bit of Charleston? We always felt so much better when we arrived there. It just felt more like what we are used to.
Just a couple more days and you will be back home with your handsome boys!


Dawn said...

So glad you are enjoying GZ. 28 lbs...good for little Cate! Isn't that park funny, I think it really is an excercise park and all that equiptment helps with certain excercises! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay and give a big hug to Judy for me!! We just loved her!

Lilly's Family said...

Mrs.Kim, I love seeing the pictures!My parents,Fulton,Lilly,and Ellie just got home last night!I can not wait to meet Cate!I hope the rest of the trip is fun and that it goes by fast(so that you can get home SOON and see the rest of your family)! Love,Shelby