Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Great Wall, Jade, and Cloissone

Sophie was born in the year of the dragon, so she is pointing to a dragon. Rion, you are an ox and Pressley you are a snake. Cate is the chicken. I am a mouse!

Mimi and Sophie at the Great Wall

Here we are at the entrance

A jade ship that took 5 years to make!

Polishing jade

Sunday was a big day for us! Christina picked us up at 9:00. The Great Wall was about 2 hours away, and we stopped at a Jade factory on the way there. It was amazing how they made bracelets, and sculptures from jade. It was an overcast and smoggy day, and rained after we left the Great Wall but thankfully we were able to enjoy every minute we were there! It was nice and cool and we climbed thousands of steps! The view was gorgeous. I had seen so many pictures and so many families there but couldn't believe we were actually there! On the way home, we stopped at a Cloissone factory and watched them start out with a copper vase and transform it into a beautiful piece of art. We also ate lunch there. Christina ordered for us but couldn't eat with us, so when the food came out, we couldn't exactly identify what a couple of dishes were. And while we completely trust Christina, we hoped they didn't bring out the wrong thing. One plate was full of what looked like noodles, only a lot fatter, which made them look exactly like worms. The taste was good but we were just too leary to eat much. So when Christina came back, she told us it was pork! We would have eaten more knowing what it was!

We also stopped at a Tea House and sampled several types of tea and she told us what they were used for and how to drink it. Again, we were too tired for supper and went to bed early. We had a fun, full day. Thank you again for the comments and emails. It means so much hearing from our friends and family.


Redmom2005 said...

Kim - No apologies necessary. I'll find another way to get it there! Not a problem! Wow...Sophie will have a lifetime of memories of her trip to China! The Great Wall is an unforgettable experience (not just because you're out of BREATH by the time you reach the top)!! I'm glad all is going well for you. Can't wait to see those first pictures of Cate!!

Kate said...

Looks like you made it far higher than I did on the Wall. Those steps are hard! We are praying for you all and look forward to following the rest, and most important, part of your journey!

Kristin said...

Hey Kim,
I'm so glad you had a safe trip. Pressley had a great day on Friday. We enjoyed the cupcakes and cheesepuffs that you sent for Pressley's birthday. We sang happy birthday to him. He would not let me give him his birthday spankings. He told me that "his George" would be picking him up from school. He truly adores George but I believe it goes both ways.Sophie seems to be having a great time. I'm so glad she got to go with you on the trip and your mom also.I'm going to print the pictures of China and put them on our classroom door so Pressley will feel the connection. He brought the picture of Cate on Friday and showed it to everyone in the class. He told us it was a picture of his new baby sister. He was so proud. You've got such a wonderful family. Please let Greg know I'm available whenever he needs me.Be safe!!
Love, Kristin

Andrew and Rebecca said...

Simply incredible! We've always wanted to take a trip to China, but now it will be Ethiopia! Maybe someday! Our family has really enjoyed reading about your days there. So glad you are enjoying yourselves!

PeggyAnn said...

Glad to see and hear y'all having a Great time (what an adventure!) One day closer to Cate :)
in my prayers for safe journey,
PeggyAnn :)