Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yellow Crane Tower

This morning, Grant took us to Yellow Crane Tower. The people of Wuhan are very proud of this historical landmark. It is a beautiful tower on top of Snake Hill. We walked up 5 stories and on each floor saw many sights of Wuhan and many beautiful murals. We were able to see The Social Welfare Institute that Cai is from. It is a huge white building and we were told that the city is very proud of it- they have their own doctors and nurses and a school that children outside of the social welfare institute attend. Grant said that it is one of the best in their country. We have no doubt that Cai was taken very good care of. Cai is doing great. She loves Rion and Pressley and wants to hold both of their hands. Unfortunately, she is not sure about Mimi. She is very sweet but can also be very fiesty! She loves sprite and french fries so I think she will do just fine! Speaking of french fries, we have Donalds here every day, and although the boys are fine with that, Mimi and I are not! After Grant drops us back at our hotel around lunchtime, we are on our own. Everything we do feels pretty hard. Even to get to the McDonalds across the street we have to go down stairs and under the street and then back up- with Cai and a stroller, it's just tough. We are ready for our next stop, GZ and of course, home!


Cousin Sheri said...

Cai is so pretty! Glad she is sleeping well. Hope you get something to eat besides McD's very soon!

Sheri Dills

Renee Bozard said...

Kim and Family,

Finally......We're so glad for you guys! Can't wait to meet Cai!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Cai looks like she is in very capable hands with her two big brothers! That's so sweet! And she is a doll, Kim!

Hope you get some real food for grown-ups soon! (My Joy would be perfectly happy too)! :)

Thinking and praying for you all!

Dawn said...

Just catching up with your blog today and I want to say CONGRATS on your new daughter!! I hope the resr of your trip goes easily. She is adorable!!

Canada to China and back! said...

Glad you were able to get out for a bit:0) McDonald's everday!?! Ugh! My kids would love that not so much:0) Miss Cai is beautiful! Not much longer and you'll be at your next stop and then home:0)

Lilly's Family said...

So glad you finally have Cia.She is a baby doll.So, So, So,cute.I bet Sophie and the rest of the crew wish they could be with you all.Sorry you do not like McD's.I LOVE it.
Love to all. Tell Cia and everyone else HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo excited for you guys.I still can not wait to get HUDSON. Not tomorrow but the next day they leave. OUR TIME!! I do not like the time difference.

Love to all,,,

kcooper011 said...

Cai is adorable and it looks like the boys don't mind holding her hands. Logan would be in high heaven if he could eat McDonalds everyday!! Tell Pressley Logan says hello.

Kristin said...

Cai is beautiful. You are so lucky to have two such beautiful girls added to your life. One day they will know how lucky they are. I know Cate is excited about being a big sister. Be safe and we look forward to meeting Cai!

Pat said...

Kim, we've been following your adventure regularly. Cai is beautiful. So thankful that all is going well. Praying for you.