Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Consulate Day

Today was the day that we went to the consulate as a family to take our oath. Our paperwork was prepared yesterday and in order so today was a breeze! Simon first took us to a restaurant where we had a huge delicious meal. We all shared many dishes and they were so good! At the consulate they just called us up indidvidually, we signed a paper, and then all of the families there took an oath together. I became teary as I held Cai and realized that we were finally at the end of this part of our journey to become family. It's a difficult, emotional road, but worth every tear shed. As I told Greg this morning, I already can't imagine our lives without Cai or hers without us. Today, she willingly went to all of the people in our group and gave me lots of kisses. Until now, when I kissed her, she would wipe mine off! I don't think she had ever been kissed before. Tomorrow will be our last day with the Pierce family since their flight leaves early Friday morning. We will really miss them. Pressley has made such good friends on our trip! He has loved our guides and really likes hanging out with them. He is also a real ladies man here! The women at McDonalds love him and every place we go shopping, we have to wait for him while he poses for pictures. He'll be in for a real reality check when we get home!


Nicole said...

What a wonderful trip you have had! You guy's are almost home with sweet Cai!
Safe travels!
Nicole said...

I know I haven't always posted, but I am reading this blog religiously! I can't get over how beautiful Cai is and how well she seems to just fit your family. I can only imagine how emotional taking that oath was. I remember doing it with Ella and get emotional just thinking back. It sounds like your trip has been just wonderful. Can't wait to continue following! Congrats on things being "official"!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh Kim, I'm so happy for you! Cai already has fit in so well! So glad Pressley is quite the celebrity there! Let him enjoy his moment! I can just imagine all the emotion there! I'm already one big blob of emotions, what will I be like when I make it to China? :)

Have fun and a safe trip back home too!


Renee Bozard said...

Hi Kim,

Guess you guys have made it home with Cai! Can't wait to meet her in person!

God bless,

Emily said...

I have loved reading about your journey to Cai! I think I heard y'all were already at home. What a beautiful little girl! It's amazing to see the transformation in Cai from day 1 until the last pictures on your blog. She looks so much happier! I will continue to pray for your family as you get Cai settled in.
Emily Dyches