Monday, June 7, 2010

Shopping Day

Today we started by going to the medical examination building to have Cai's TB skin test read. It was negative thankfully. As soon as we walked into the building she started tensing up and by the time we reached the place where she had to have her shots and where they read the test, she was screaming and trying to get away. The entire, overly crowded clinic had their eyes on us. It didn't take long at all and we were out of there! She is one smart cookie. As soon as we left, with a little candy, she was fine. Then Simon took our crew to a shopping plaza right off of the island. First, we walked through an open market where they sold lots of unusual things- mostly for medicines and soups- dried lizards on sticks, turtles, dried sea horses, and scorpians ( alive). Then we did a little more shopping. The boys have has a fun time bartering and love using their chinese money. They think they're loaded! I gave them 100 yuan to spend which is $15 and they think their rich! We were able to find some really inexpensive DVD's that actually work! Pressley is feeling much better today and is watching one of his new DVD's now. Cai is still doing great- we have found that she absolutely LOVES candy and french fries. She just cracks our entire group up to hear her shouting for Pressley and Rion. They actually egg her on just for a laugh. She is so funny and so cute! As fiesty as she is, when it's time for bed or nap, she just lies down and goes to sleep! Another answered prayer!
For those are getting ready to travel and have asked, the Garden Hotel is wonderful! I would definitely recommend staying here. It's easy to get to the island when you need to, but also has plenty to do around here. We are in a suite and it is very spacious, which is so nice. The breakfast buffet is delicious and at least as good as the White Swan. There are lots of restaurants around and are easy to get to- The island is definitely torn up and almost impossible to get around with a stroller. Sadly too, many of the shops are closed. We were able to get to Jordan's and I know Jennifer's is still there too. Tomorrow we are going there by taxi and stay for a few hours, but I honestly think that's all we would need.Please let me know if you ahve any other questions!


Sharon Ankerich said...

So thankful Cai's test was fine!!! PTL! Thanks for telling us about the construction and Garden Hotel. Hope you have fun shopping!!!

ps Cai is just precious!!!

Christine said...

Joy joy joy!
We have loved following your journey to Cai!
Thanks for all your suggestions and good information. We hope to be there in the fall. Your photos of Wuhan are have given us a taste and we can't wait to go and see it for ourselves!!! Thank you.

Canada to China and back! said...

Glad to hear Cai's TB test was negative. It sounds like the hotel you are staying in is lovely. Have fun shopping:0)

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

I saw some pretty creepy stuff there on sticks and in boxes! So glad the TB test turned out well!

I've heard alot of good things about the Garden Hotel. We decided to stay at the Victory in spite of the construction and make the best of it. This might be our only trip and I really wanted to stay on the island regardless.

I would love to hear Cai calling for the boys! Can you do a video?

Thanks for all the posting! I'm enjoying following your journey!

We leave in 10 days!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


That was me...Country Girl at Home. Joy was signed on to my computer and I didn't realize it!