Saturday, June 5, 2010


On Shaiman Island Guangzhou. Cai had to come here for her medical exam. sad.
This is outside our hotel in Guangzhou.

We made it to Guangzhou last night- the best part was when our guide told us he was also meeting another family with our agency- it was the Pierce family and Tina and I have been emailing one another during this adoption. So, we all shared a van and checked into our hotel together. It is so nice being with another family here! Our hotel is the Garden Hotel and it is beautiful! I don't have many pictures to share- this morning was Cai's medical exam. She cried and cried and was really scared. She is 32 pounds. She had to have 4 shots plus a TB skin test. It was really hard and I cried too. We are trying so hard to establish trust and it hurt me that I had to hold her for so many shots this early. Cai is fiercely independent- she wants to feed herself and do so much for herself. I can tell though, that through her brave, independent little self, is a scared little girl who needs Mama. She wants to sit in my lap with my arms wrapped around her when we go anywhere. She likes to go off and follow her brothers but even in the stroller she likes to know where I am. She can say Rion and Pressley and when she doesn't see them, she will call for them or go to find them and give them a piece of her mind! We are so ready to be home and are just counting down the days. While I know this is just all part of the process, this is just a hard trip. I can't wait for everyone to meet Cai!


Carla said...

The view outside your window is beautiful!! Cai looks great!! Did the boys like the island?? Are you not staying on it?? When is the CA?

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I hate that they have to get all those shots! I know that was hard!

I've been following both yours and Tina's blogs. It's great that the two of you met up there!

Love the view from the hotel!

Cai is just precious!

Thanks for sharing everything! Have fun in Guangzhou!


Marla and S.J. said...

Kim, enjoy that beautiful view from the hotel, please post more photos, I am glued to your blog! I can't believe Cai is 34 lbs! She is just beautiful Kim!

A Cup of Cold Water said...

hi! we're a baas family and following along! :) so happy to see her join her family!! :)

we're looking to travel in about 6-8 weeks! can you tell us (in a post or email - whatever is easier) what you think of your hotel and also the state of the island, construction and all?

congratulations!!!! wishing you a safe and FAST last week there!

Canada to China and back! said...

Beautiful view out your window! Sucks that you have to have all those vaccines done! Love Cai's little polka dot outfit!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Cai looks completely beautiful!!! So peaceful. So thankful things are going so well and you have another family to be with. Praying everything else goes well!