Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just rambling

I don't have too to report about our journey to Cate. We are waiting on our DSS child abuse clearance, and our home study will be ready to go to DSS. After DSS reviews it, they will send it to the USCIS office. When they are done, they will send us our I-171 H form which is the very last thing we need to make our dossier complete. I am so ready to know that our dossier is in China, waiting for travel approval. Please pray for us that everything goes smoothly AND quickly! Speaking of praying, we have been praying for George really hard. Praying that his lung and heart are healed and that he can come home from the hospital soon. He has been there too long, and I know he is feeling down. His biopsy came back negative, and for that we are so thankful! Please keep him in your prayers. For those that don't know, George is my stepfather, but I leave out the step, because he is my father. He is the one who has raised me and been there for us through thick and thin. And he is absolutely the best grandfather in the world. He would do anything for us. I'm going to learn how to post pictures soon, because I have some of our Disney Cruise this past weekend. We had a really nice time, and the weather was beautiful! It is so neat to think that maybe by our next vacation, Cate will be with us too!


Sharon said...

We will continue to lift George up in prayer. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
Can't wait to see pics of the cruise! Sounds like fun!


Cyndi said...

Kim, I will keep George in my prayers we leave for Disney on Wednesday and will be back on Sunday call me if you need any help with anything. By the way the auto play on esnips is out of order right now.