Friday, February 15, 2008

We're at DSS!

Our home study that is. It made it! Please pray that it gets moved quickly through DSS and CIS. I have great hopes of traveling for Cate in June. That's my prayer. George came home from the hospital on Tuesday and we are very thankful. He still has a chest tube but I hope that when that comes out next Tuesday he will be more comfortable. We really miss our George, and are ready for him to feel better. Today, Sharon, who is the director at our home study agency, left me a message on my phone and she ended by saying, It is so great to see your determination and hope because when you were waiting domestically it was more fear and uncertainty. She was exactly right, and it doesn't compare to the joy of knowing that we are following God's plan for our life.


Cyndi said...

You go girl!!!! I will keep praying for you guys I know you are excited. We had a fun trip I will have to download pictures and get them on the blog. Talk to you soon.

Lilly's Family said...

So glad things are moving right along in your journey to Cate. I know that even if things moved at the speed of light, it would not be soon enough. Hang in there- it will happen!