Sunday, January 27, 2008

How we met Cate

After many years of prayer, Greg and I decided that we would start the process of domestic adoption. International was not a choice for us, we thought, because Greg cannot take the time off from work. Last January we found a wonderful Christian agency in our state and started the process. In December, we both agreed that maybe we should not renew our home study, and although I still wanted another child, it didn't seem like it was going to happen, and I started to accept that fact.That's when my friend, Jan, called to tell me about this little girl in China. It was Christmas Eve and a busy day, and when I finally had a chance to look at her, Jan called to tell me she had a family. So, two weeks later Jan called back to say that she was back on the waiting list again. I went straight home to look at her, and she melted my heart. Jan informed me that only one parent must travel, so we asked for more information on her and that's when we were told that her agency had a recent video of her. They overnighted the video and.....well, that's all it took. Greg was much more hesitant since we were completely switching gears; we talked and prayed and talked and prayed. It was a scary step for me too- I mean, China- across the world. But her little face kept popping up, and I could envision her running around our house-and the thought that she was 2 years old with no mama and daddy. I prayed to God one morning and said Lord, I'm going to need a solid answer for this, I'm scared and I just want to do your will. I called the agency after work that day , and Cheryl told me that another family had accepted her. My heart broke, and it was that afternoon that I realized how much it was Her that I wanted- not just any child. So, the next morning, I e-mailed the ageny to tell them that if anything happened with the first family, we wanted her. Ten minutes later they emailed us to call the office-that she was available, and the rest is history. I knew in that moment that she was suppose to be with our family.


Cyndi said...

Even though you had already told me this story I got cold chills reading it again. I am so excited for you and for Cate. I can't wait for her to come HOME!!!

Sharon said...

We are so blessed to be a part of Cate's journey home and to know your story personally. It won't be long until you are in China seeing that sweet little face for yourself.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATE!!!! I can't wait to see you blow out the candles on your cake next year!


Holly said...

I had that same vision of our son running around our house and I saw him chasing our dog and telling him "no!"- it has come true!
I remember how scary it is at first to commit to a child you have never seen in person, but we have a great God who leads us to each of our children!
Obviously Cate was meant to be YOURS!
Many blessings,

"Mrs. Sandra" said...

This is precious, Kim. So glad you are blogging. It is and will be a great gift to others....including Cate. She is beautiful. "Mrs. Sandra" P.S. email me!

Kaitlynsmama said...

I am SOOO happy to see this little girl getting her family! When we heard she was again on the waiting list I cried, but no amount of tears from me or our 4 year old daughter would get my husband to say "Yes". He said "she is so cute thousands will be fighting over her!" God is so awesome!!
Thanks you for giving this awesome child a home-we loved her from the moment we saw her!

Andrew and Rebecca said...

Kim & family, I am so happy to see Cate almost home! To us, Cate is our little Lulu...she touched our heart and is the reason we are adopting!!! She will forever hold a very special spot in our lives. We document this pivotal moment in our blog. God used Cate (Lulu) as a way to show us His divine direction for us to expand our family through adoption. Congratulations! God has a very special plan for Cate! She's touched so many lives already!
God Bless, Rebecca & Andrew, Chloe & Elliot

Redmom2005 said...

I had never read this blog entry before! It sure sounds like she was destined to be with your family!! He works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?!!

She is just absolutely precious and I can't wait for you to be holding her!