Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meeting Cate in 2008!!

I have many firsts to report. It still seems surreal that we have a daughter in China! We spent the entire weekend filling out forms, making lists, and calling around trying to find answers to questions I didn't even understand. This week will be very busy. I have something to do everyday so that we can get these papers to China ASAP! I am going to have graet expectations and pray that we can get her before the children start back to school inAugust. Another first -this blog! Thank you Sharon!!! Now, I have to learn to post pictures, so that our family can keep up with us while we are in China. I have met the kindest people in the last week through yahoo groups who have so much support and advice. Jan and Sharon have been life savers to me. Thank you both!! It feels so strange to me to be on this adoption journey to China-maybe because it happened so fast. It was a miracle, I think, and now that it is sinking in, I am a mad woman on a mission to bring our little girl home as soon as possible to join her family.


Sharon said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Kim! We are here for you and will push, pull and drag you through this maze to Cate in China. :)

Congratulations again!

Cyndi said...

Looks good. I can help you get music on here just let me know what you want I will e-mail you to.
Your family and sweet little Cate will be in our prayers.

"Mrs. Sandra" said...

Do you KNOW how excited I am for you? WOOHOO!!! To God Be The Glory. I cannot wait to read/hear more and meet Cate one day. You go girl!!! I'll keep you in my prayers. Love you,