Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow... Continued

Well, the snow stuck and boy, are we glad it did! Snow is just beautiful, and not something we EVER get to see, so we played as long as we could and took lots of pictures. It is quickly melting and turning into slosh. If you skipped the last post, please go back to look at Cai. We are in love.


Sharon said...

Hasn't today been FUN!!!? I bet your snow didn't stay pretty like that for long...just like ours! We made tracks through every bit of ours. We definitely have two very tired little girls who are going to bed right now to dream about Valentines and Chinese New Year!

See y'all tomorrow!

Tina said...

Hey girl! Your house is beautiful! I have got to stay off RQ it is depressing the mess out of me! We had a little more snow tonight...the kids were so excited!

Are you dreaming about LOA's? I was up 4 pounds on the scale this morning... :(.... it's all stress! lol