Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mountain Fun

We had been looking forward to our mountain weekend for a couple of months. The kids skipped school on Friday and we headed for a cabin in the mountains. Our little cabin sat right beside a beautiful stream which apparently called Rion, Sophie and Pressley's names because yesterday they went swimming! Yes, it was freezing, but apparently worth it to them. We built campfires at night, cooked smores, hiked trails, and saw beautiful waterfalls. It really was a wonderful weekend. Now, that being said, I don't think I'm so much a mountain girl. I love the scenery and the brisk air, and the children love it.... but, after two days of smokey, wet, dirty, clothes, I'm ready to go home!


Sharon said...

Looks like fun, Kim! I know what you mean about the dirty, wet clothes. I think I'd enjoy vacations even more if I didn't have a mountain of nasty laundry to do when we get home. However, I know I should be thankful for my dirty clothes, dirty kids and washing machine. ;) I tend to forget about that sometimes.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Sharon said...
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