Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cate Update

Cate is a little ham for the camera. She likes to have her picture taken!
Tired after shopping at the Holiday Market.

My subjects weren't very cooperative for the Halloween picture. I wanted to take a picture outside, but Rion felt like he was too cool and someone might see him! They were also just about to go out trick or treating!

Our pumpkins carved for our family's pumpkin carving contest. Ours was the witch, third from the right. My grandfather judges!

A day in the mountains.
Cate continues to adjust wonderfully! She has started 3 year old kindergarten three days a week and she loves it! We are loving every minute of her. She is definitely still very spicy, and we have the battle of the wills sometimes, but she is learning, and I am learning to pick my battles. I say every day how strong willed she is, and Greg says, but you are too! So, we are both learning to give and take! Communication with Cate is just not a problem. She is so smart and understands so much. She just adores Rion, Sophie and Pressley, and they love her so much too.


Dawn said...

Oh Kim Cate is just so cute!! I am so glad she is adjusting so well!! Isn't the language issue a "non-issue", I am so amazed at how quickly the English is coming. I bet she enjoys school, I have been kind of selfish with Lucy, and not put her in pre-school. She will be starting therapy soon at the school a couple times a week, and then pre-school next year.

I LOVE Cate in the boots...don't you just love that look?? When I bought Lucy's they were the ONLY pair, so now I am on a hunt to find her another pair...where did you find Cate's??

mom 2 many said...

That girl has the cutest clothes!!! And those boots rock!! She looks like she has been with y'all forever! It is good she has a strong will. She may have needed it in the orphanage. Most of my kids are that way. Glad to hear she is adjusting well.

Redmom2005 said...

I love the pictures! You sure do a great job of carving those pumpkins!! I love that first picture of Cate...she looks like a little fashion diva! I know what you mean about picking your battles...I have to do the same. I think they're ALL very strong-willed (must be in their blood)! But, they're precious nonetheless!

Dawn said...


I know your busy, BUT I really need a Cate fix!!! Just one picture PLLLEASE :)

Kim I really cannot believe how lucky we were getting Cate and Lucy through IAAP, knowing that they no longer have any waiting children and it is so much harder to see the list now. I feel like you got saw them in the nick of time!!