Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day weekend on a boat trip to Hilton Head. It was just what we needed. We spent three days on the boat and in our bathing suits. Which is why there are no pictures of me! While I was unpacking tonight, Sophie asked why we didn't wear any real clothes this weekend? That's the beauty of vacation! While we have not received our LOA yet,(but are still trying to patiently wait), we have added two fish, two frogs, and two kittens to our family. We did buy Cate a pink Salty Dog T-shirt which I pray she will be wearing soon!

It has been so long since I have posted, I wanted to add this picture. Pressley is an official kindergarten graduate! Here he is patiently waiting to be called for his diploma. Yes, I cried.


Ruth said...

Looks like you had a very nice mini vacation!! Glad you could get away from it all for awhile! What a handsome little guy you have! Praying that LOA shows up very soon!!

Redmom2005 said...

Congratulations, Pressley!! What a handsome little guy!!

Hilton THAT'S a vacation!! I'm sooooo jealous!! Glad you had some great family time (all the while wishing Cate was with you, I'm sure)!! Yep...I know how that goes!!

May we BOTH get those LOA's soon!!


Dawn said...

Your children are just darling...looks like you had a perfect weekend. Cate WILL be wearing that t-shirt very soon...I just know our LOA's will be here soon, and we will both be scrambling to get everything done to leave for China!! (won't that be great??!!)

Jennifer&Eric said...


So glad your family had this special time together. Before long, Cate will be with you in all future family trips - many special times lie ahead! :-)

And yes, the wait is very difficult, painful even, at times, but the Lord sustains us and gives us rest...and then, when you meet your daughter for the first time, all the waiting literally fades into nothingness! That's what happened with our Noelle. Amazing!

I'll be checking in with your blog to see when that LOA comes. And when you do get ready to travel to Hefei, I'm happy to answer any questions (as I'm sure the whole AFH Yahoo group will be as well :)).


P.S. If you read this comment, please e-mail me at I MAY possibly have a little video of your Cate from when we were there in March. Do you have any more recent photos? Do you know if she is currently with a foster family?

Redmom2005 said...

Hello, friend! Just stopping by to say HEY!! We are bound to get those LOAs soon....right?!! I'm going CRAZY trying to be patient! How about you?!!!

Maybe we'll have some pictures soon of our little ones and it will help (maybe)!!?!!