Sunday, May 30, 2010

Made It To Wuhan

Sorry we are so late with news from our China trip so far and pictures. We couldn't use our computer in Beijing. We made it to Wuhan this evening and have settled in our hotel rooms. Our guide here is Grant and we already like him very much. We will meet him in the morning at 9:00 and he will take us to meet Cai. I need to prepare our paperwork and fix Cai's backpack. I am very nervous and am praying that she will like us. I promise to post more tomorrow- we are so tired and need to get ready for a big day!!!


Canada to China and back! said...

Glad to hear you made it safe! Great picts of the wall! Look how lush and green it is. Praying for your big day!

Nicole said...

Cai is going to love you all! I am so excited for you !!!!
Post lots of pictures!Praying for Cai as she transitions into your sweet family.

Shannon said...

Oh!!!!! Hooray! Next post will probably be with Cai!!!!! I am so excited for you guys and praying for you too!!!!

Carla said...

YAY!! So glad to hear that you are in Wuhan!! It won't be long and you will have her in your arms! Everyone looks very happy!!! Praying for her and of course for y'all.
Love, Carla

Joel and Lee-Anne said...

Kim - Our daughter, Naomi, is from Wuhan (adopted 11/08). Grant was our guide there and we LOVED him. He will do anything for you!! Make sure you ask him about a wax stamp with Cai's name on it. Also, he can have a seamstress come to your hotel to handmake a beautiful chinese dress. Tell Grant the Fenwicks say hello and that we are adopting again this time from Guang Dong.
Loving that you get to hold her in your arms TOMORROW!!! We are waiting on TA right now.
Much love from Kentucky.

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Kim, so excited for you. I am reading this just 30 minutes before you are to meet Cai. I am praying right now that things go well. Can't wait to see pictures. said...

My heart is so happy seeing you are there and actually you are probably meeting Cai right now! I hope all is going well...can't wait for the next post!

Sharon said...

Kim, I have been thinking about you all evening. Can not wait to see the photos of you and precious Cai. I hugged our girls when I put them in bed tonight and I wondered if you were holding Cai at that very moment too. :)


Marla and S.J. said...

Kim! I am so excited to read your next post, I might sleep next to my computer!!!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Okay, Kim, I won't be able to sleep tonight thinking about getting up and seeing pictures of you with Cai! I'm SO excited! Praying all goes really well!

Loved all the pics of you all in this post!