Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I have to admit, I'm actually ready to get back into a routine. Christmas break was wonderful and I love having my children at home. We watched movies, we played games, we had fun with our family and friends, we ate so much great food, we stayed up late and slept in... but it's time to move on!
I am so excited to be able to say that this is the year that we will meet Cai. Sometimes it feels so close, and others still so far away. I think just as a protective mechanism, I try not to think of Cai. We pray for her daily, of course, but I try not to let myself think of what she may look like or smell like, or how she will say mama and daddy. I haven't bought her any clothes yet. The first couple months were so hard with the new process and filling out paperwork, that it wasn't as hard because we were so preoccupied with the process. Now, as we wait for our LOA and realizing we could be within just a few months, it's hard to control my excitement!
I hope for everyone a very Happy New Year. For this family, my hope is that we can laugh even harder and love even deeper. My prayer will be that our relationship will be even closer to the Lord, that we will give even more.


Sharon said...

Happy New Year, Kim!

Lilly's Family said...

"Laugh harder and love even deeper". . .I love that, Kim! And, I haven't even thought that this is the year I will meet my little boy, Hudson. Thanks for that reminder : ) Hopefully, it will be in the 1st half of the year that we meet Cai and Hudson!!!

DiJo said...

Hi Kim!
I had to stop by to say "Hi!!" Cai is PRECIOUS!!! I pray that it all comes together quickly so you can bring her home very soon! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!