Monday, March 3, 2008

Still Waiting

I was hoping that my next post would be that we have our I-171 form. But it's not. It's to say that we're still waiting. I was really, really hoping that DSS would be a little faster. Nope. But, I have great hopes that we will still be getting our form this week and that we will be DTC by next week. That will be a wonderful day! Today I sent a small package to a family that will be traveling to Cate's orphanage. They will be leaving next week. We sent her a small baby doll, some gum to share with her friends, some pictures of our family, and a card. I told her that we love her and can't wait to meet her. I wonder if that will sound strange to her or if she will even understand that there is this family telling her they love her. But it is so true and I wish that she could understand how hard we are trying to get to her.

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